LEG DAY Workout! Hammies & Glutes!


Today we are sharing with you our full leg workout focusing on glutes and hamstrings, hope you enjoy!

WORKOUT Warm up 10 minutes of stairs (not shown) Stretch!

Barbell Complex: 3 sets 5 reps each

SUPERSET 1: Hip Thrusts 3X12 Landmine RDLs 3x12

SUPERSET 2: Single Leg RDL 3x10 each leg Walking lunges with curtsy lunge 3x8 each leg Pistol Squats: of your choice! 3x6 each leg

SUPERSET 3: Dumbbell glute kickback 3x15 each leg Pulse squats 3x10

SUPERSET 4: Deficit RDL 3x12 Bulgarian split squat using TRX 3x10

BURNOUT Banded in and outs 30 sec on 15 sec rest repeat 3x 


Music provided by NCS: Konac - Home [NCS Release]

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