LEG DAY: Quad Focus using only a barbell!


Today we are sharing with you our leg day using just the barbell workout hope you enjoy!

WORKOUT Warm up your legs before starting any exercises. Stretch!

Squats: Heavy back Squats and Volume work

SUPERSET 1: Bulgarian Split Squats bar under leg 3x12 Good Mornings 3x12

SUPERSET 2: Barbell Step Ups with a knee raise 3x12 3-Way Squat 2x25

SUPERSET 3: Crisscross Squats 3x12 Reverse Deadlifts 3x12

SUPERSET 4: Single leg RDL with a front lunge 3x8 Overhead Squat 3x10

FINISHER: Ladder Box Jumps and Sissy Squats


Music provided by NCS Killercats - Kaibu [NCS Release]

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