Why I Quit My Full-Time Job


Its simple I was miserable well I wish it was that simple. Lets just say I had never "dreamed" of becoming a personal trainer but sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen for 8 hours was just not the life for me.

Lets go back a few years to the good ole college days. I was a D2 college swimmer, I had a 3.5 GPA (and trust me when I say thats a huge accomplishment for me), Captain of the swim team and all around happy person. I graduated college in 2016 and I can remember it like yesterday. The whole family was in town we celebrated and then it was like what the hell do I do now? I literately packed my dorm room and had no place to go. I could've had a job lined up which I guess is my fault but I didn't know what I wanted to do. My boyfriend landed a job in Boston, MA where he was originally was from and we went to school in Chicago, IL where most of my family lived. Since I had no job no plans I decided why not and we packed our cars with all of our stuff and drove 14 hours from Chicago to Boston.

I thought change would be fun, cool and exciting but I quickly learned that being lonely was none of those things. I went from interview to interview trying to land any job possible. After getting a bunch of "you aren't a good fit for this position" I landed a temp job at a 3rd party logistics company. Pressure to get a job from many people I took the job and it was a terrible decision. I worked from 8-4 behind a computer screen doing work that I could have done in 5th grade but I stuck with it. You may think yea Shelby well thats just life but I knew that wasn't the life I wanted. I was so unhappy not only because the job but from moving away from my family and friends and no longer swimming. I was lost not knowing what to do. I can remember one of the only things making me happy at the time was being in the gym and working out. 

February 2017 after working for about 10 months at this company I quit. I didn't quit because I didn't think I could do it I quit because I knew I was better. The next day I began working for my dads company and started researching what it takes to become a personal trainer. I ordered my books and study guides that would help me pass the ACE certified personal training test. Now there are a ton of different certs you can get and I found ACE was nationally recognized and matched what I was looking for. After about 4 months of studying I took the test and passed. Shortly after I passed the exam I got a job at the YMCA in my area. I moved about a month ago and I am now starting a new job as a personal trainer at Equinox. I am actually thankful for that job because if I didn't take it I may not be where I am today.  I may not have the traditional hours of a normal person or a paycheck that is the same amount each week but I am so happy with the career choice I made. 

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Sunday, 19 January 2020
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