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Our Favorites

 Okay so we love a lot more then just 5 products but we narrowed it down for you guys to the ones we can't live without. We have a mix of food and workout gear. So here we go! 

1. Teddies Peanut Butter

Two ingredients: peanuts and salt. When we say we've tried every kind of peanut butter we are not lying. Teddies is by far the best- texture, flavor, and price. Another plus is that it comes in a glass jar so not only eco friendly you can reuse the glass jar for things like overnight oats or smoothies. 

2. Reeboks Lifters

Both of us wear Reeboks lifters for squats and other lifts. Going to be honest we haven't tried many other ones but we have had the same pair for a couple years not and they have not let us down. 

3. Walden Farms Pancake Syrup

Okay, yes this product may not be the best for you as in all the chemicals but you win some and you lose some. With maple syrup being very high in carbs we swap that for the WF pancake syrup which is 0 cals and the taste is very close to the real stuff. Save the cals so you can add all the toppings in the world to those pancakes or waffles!

4. Limm Resistance Bands

We carry these bad boys everywhere they have a home in our gym bags and come on vacation with us. They come in a pack of 5 for about $10 on Amazon. Can't beat that price!

5. SBD

This product is definitely a love hate relationship. They are life changing I am not sure how I squatted without knee sleeves in general. Squats wouldn't be the same without them but we want to cry every time we put them on. Tip: make sure to measure correctly before buying. 

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Sunday, 19 January 2020
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